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    The installation method of copper valve

    Category:Industry News Publish:2018/1/29 15:24:36 Browse:698 [Back]
    The connection between the 1. pipe threads is connected with the pipe thread of the pipe ends, and the internal thread can be a cylindrical tube thread or a conical tube thread, and the outer thread must be a conical pipe thread.

    The valve threaded connection 2. is connected with the control end of pipe, pipe outer thread length. In order to avoid overrotation of the pipe end, the inner end of the thread of the top pressure gate valve tube is made so as to cause the deformation of the valve seat and influence the sealing.

    3. pipe threaded connection valve, when installing tightened, the wrench should be wrench. The thread should have six corners or octagonal parts at the same end, and the six corners or octagonal parts at the other end of the valve should not be wrenching, so as not to cause deformation of the valve.

    The flange of the 4. flange connecting valve and the flange of the pipe are not only in accordance with the size and size, but also with the same nominal pressure.

    5. during the installation and commissioning of the globe valve and gate valve, it is found that the tightening nut can be tightened if the valve stem leaks, and the force should not be too large, so as to avoid leakage.

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