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    Sufa (Fujian) valve Co. Ltd. I wish you a happy new year!

    Category:Company News Publish:2017/1/21 10:43:59 Browse:900 [Back]
    Sufa (Fujian) valve limited company leadership with all the staff wish you a happy new year, the year of the rooster down, Caiyuanguangjin, happy family!
    Sufa valve (Fujian) Co. Ltd. was founded in 1982, is committed to providing high quality and high value-added valve for the energy industry and the related fluid control products and services. After more than twenty years of innovation and management, has now developed into a professional company with 15, the holding company of the company, the company's largest professional production and marketing of the valve industry, one of the more than and 50 professional cooperation factories in the world.
    Sufa (Fujian) Limited has a professional valve power station valve, valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, general control valve, forged steel valves, stainless steel valves and other professional production line. Can the production of special valves, power system of petrochemical system for special valves, sealing ball valve, pneumatic, hydraulic and pneumatic butterfly valve quick closing valve and high pressure gate high-end general, cutting, check, ball, butterfly valve and other products, can provide the valve products to meet the high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resistance, anti sulfur scouring of complex conditions, product category, product specifications for hundreds of thousands of.
    Sufa Valve Co. Ltd. (Fujian) was named the national high-tech enterprises, China Director General Machinery Industry Association valves Branch units, China Nuclear Power Industry Association member units, the national science and Technology Industrial Park torch Sufa characteristic industrial park of key enterprises and China manufacturing informatization demonstration enterprise.
    Sufa (Fujian) valve Co. Ltd. has machining 280 kilowatts of electric heat treatment furnace, 5 meters vertical lathe, plasma spraying, supersonic spraying, plasma arc welding, carbon dioxide welding and other sophisticated equipment and special process control; with X ray, magnetic powder, ultrasonic, coloring and a series of advanced NDT equipment and tools; with chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis, mechanical properties test, hardness test, wall thickness measurement, the valve life test, temperature test, fire test and 2800 tons of ultra high pressure large caliber valve performance test of high technology equipment and method.
    April showers bring May flowers。 Sufa (Fujian) valve limited company adhering to the "construction of the modern enterprise, a global model of" enterprise vision, providing fast and comprehensive value-added services and leading the whole solution for the customer, the customer become a trusted strategic partner; create a fair opportunity for employees, more challenging and goal oriented strategy work as environment, motivate staff to achieve development to maximize the value of the platform; humanistic value orientation become the industry benchmark; to create highly creative, standardized modern management group Co. ltd..

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