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    Reducing valve how to properly install?

    Category:Industry News Publish:2013/1/8 15:58:42 Browse:1571 [Back]
    Gaseous liquefied petroleum gas from the high pressure to low pressure of work done by the pressure relief valve, in addition to decompression, but also to stabilize the export function of the gas pressure, should pay attention to the use of:
    : Pressure reducing valve and hose interface connections are tight, it is best to use wire tied tight clamping tube clip.
    Second: pressure reducing valve before the first check valve into the air intake seals whether deformation shedding.
    Third: reducer angle valve in Flip connected. Use a palm rest flat on the pressure reducer valve body, the hand wheel alignment angle valve outlet threaded, hand wheel counter-clockwise with the other hand, until the pressure relief valve is not rocking far.
    : Decanting To remove the pressure relief device the unloading cylinder angle valve must be closed.
    Fifth: Remove the rear pressure reducing valve should be gently placed on the stove board or other dry goods, do not readily Wangdishangyi to throw reducer damaged so easy to make, but also easy to make intake port seals off the
    Sixth: when the pressure reducer failure repair professional and technical personnel. Do not disassemble.

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