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    Ball valve installation and maintenance methods

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    The ball valve installation, pre-installation preparation ⑴ ball valves before and after the pipelines have been ready. The front and rear the pipeline should coaxial, two flange sealing surface should be parallel. The pipeline should be able to withstand the weight of the ball valve or pipe must be equipped with appropriate support. ⑵ the valve before and after the pipeline is purged, oil pipe, welding slag, and all other impurities removed. (3) check the ball valve flag to identify the ball valve intact. Fully closed the valve fully open several times to confirm that it is working properly. ⑷ removed ball valve connected to both ends of the flange on the protective member. ⑸ check valve hole to clear any possible dirt, then clean the valve hole. Foreign matter between the valve seat and the ball, even if only a tiny particles may damage the valve seat sealing surface. 2, install the ball valve ⑴ the valve mounted on the pipeline. Either end of the valve can be mounted at the upstream end. The drive of the valve with the handle can be mounted at any position on the pipe. Ball valve with gearbox or pneumatic drive should be installed upright, that is installed in a horizontal pipe, and the drive is in the pipeline above. ⑵ valve flange and pipeline flange gasket installed on piping design requirements. ⑶ flange bolts need to be symmetrical, successive, evenly tightened. ⑷ connection the pneumatic pipeline (using pneumatic drive). 3, the ball valve installation check ⑴ operation drive Kai closed ball valve several times, should be flexible and creaky, confirmed that it is working properly. (2) by piping design requirements between the pipes and ball valve Flange sealing performance check. The valve repair ball valve maintenance General: ⑴ must first identify the valve on the downstream pipeline does have removable pressure to disassemble operations. ⑵ decomposition and re-assembly, care must be taken to prevent the sealing surface of the damaged parts, especially the non-metallic parts, special tools, remove the O-ring should. ⑶ bolts on the flange assembly must be symmetrical, gradually and evenly tighten. (4) cleaning agent with the ball valve in the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and the working medium (such as gas) are compatible. The working medium gas available gasoline to clean metal parts. The non-metallic parts cleaning with pure water or alcohol. ⑸ break down the individual parts can be washed with immersion. Still left not break down the non-metallic parts metal parts can be used to clean fine clean impregnated with cleaning agents silk (adhesion to prevent fiber shedding parts) scrub. Cleaning is required to remove all the adhesive on the wall, grease, dirt, plot, rubber, dust ⑹ non-metallic parts after cleaning should be immediately removed from the cleaning agent, not a long soak. ⑺ need to be cleaned after being washed silk wall volatile cleaning agent (available non-immersion cleaning agent rub) for assembly, but shall not be shelved for a long time, otherwise it will rust, dust pollution. ⑻ new parts in the assembly also need clean water. ⑼ use grease lubrication. Grease with ball valve metal material, rubber parts, plastic parts, and the media are compatible. Working medium for the gas can be used, for example, special 221 grease. Coated with a thin layer of grease on the surface of the seal installation groove, coated with a thin layer of grease on the rubber seals, valve stem sealing surface and the friction surface is coated with a thin layer of grease. ⑽ assembly should not allow metal debris, fibers, oils and fats (except for the requirement to use) dust and other impurities, foreign matter contamination, adhesion, or stay on the surface of the part or into the lumen.
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