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    Valve industry, the rapid development of still four gap with foreign

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    Valve industry in China with foreign valve industry gap more obvious, and also allows us to see our own shortcomings, in order to find the gaps with the essence of the problem, thus improving and enhancing. I field from industry knowledge, and the general data about analysis, mainly four major gap: First, the technological innovation capability gap; gap on processing; Third, the quality of management and equipment gap; process management gap; concrete can be parsed from the following aspects.
    1, the gap on the technological innovation capability

    Lack of technological innovation, which is an obstacle to hinder the development of our valve industry. China's valve industry design standards are not high, the domestic backbone enterprises, although some conditions for research and development, while the majority of the valve business R & D centers by the limitations of the personnel, facilities, and lack of sufficient capital investment, research and development and technical service capabilities relatively closed primarily only based on business needs and corporate services, based on sales orders and design, process planning, simpler functions; such as on-site technical processing valve production process, or engage in a small amount of research and development of new products. The domestic valve design level, there is a big gap compared with developed countries.

    Many domestic valve enterprises to introduce advanced technology, very little innovation. When overseas customers to visit China's heavy industry projects, such as paper making, petrochemical, found many projects valve products just made a change in the Western prototype based on. Processing more backward, despite some domestic valve manufacturing companies have modern equipment, automatic operation can be achieved, even so some companies in the West are dwarfed. But most companies have outdated equipment and poor working conditions. At present, Chinese enterprises valve casting of steel, iron, aluminum, copper, composites of valve products, cast steel, cast iron and other raw materials in the production process, but because of the casting process backward means a great waste, environmental protection.

    For example: the majority of domestic manufacturers can not be independent seismic and other analysis of the valve, and these manufacturers to be commissioned to design institutions to conduct seismic analysis, only the individual manufacturers complete master valve stress calculation and seismic analysis, fatigue analysis of the valve, as well as impact analysis, which to some extent hampered the improvement of the level of R & D capabilities of domestic manufacturers. Also lower the degree of domestic research cooperation, self-development and lower technological content of products, although some institutions of higher learning and research and design institute with professional, at the room to carry out the study of the valve technology, but it is just the whole device valve the role of the properties required for the technical requirements, and does not expand on the the valves product design and manufacturing technology research and development, even if the design drawings, often lack the craft, and some are incompatible with the actual operation, some of which are critical due to the lack of effective means of authentication, This is the main reason for the overall low level of domestic valve products.

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